Midlothian Council’s autism strategy ‘Two Trumpets’ was developed from the personal experience of local people, parents and practitioners who spoke about what makes a difference. A strategy is only as good as it’s actions, so we’ve gone back to the people directly affected by autism to shape what happens next.

We asked people to propose ideas to talk about autism from their point of view – and lots of ideas came back.

An employment adviser wants to make a difference in how welcome job seekers with autism feel in the centre she works in, so an employment group was set up with others involved in employment support.

We heard from parents who have changed bedrooms into sensory spaces, sound researchers who have worked with autistic people to create alternative relaxation music and a theatre company who use comedy to promote diversity. We organised a creative meeting to look at staging events to invite you to, and will be advertised here.

Midlothian Libraries are interested in how people can develop their passions using the library to develop and share interests. We’ve set up a lifelong learning group who are looking at learning in its widest sense, particularly for people who don’t access mainstream education.

There’s other groups meeting about autism training, socialising and sports and there are contact details on those pages (click on the blue links). Outcomes from the meetings are fed back to the autism strategy group which meets every two months.


DRAFT ACTION: LIBRARY MUSIC FOR MEMORIES: Cherry Road’s Golden Group hosts live music for older adults with dementia, learning disability or autism.

Live weekly music on Wednesdays 11-12 (venue tbc) for adults who enjoy Golden Oldies with live accordion and sing song hosted by Cherry Road Resource Centre. This session is particularly welcoming for people with learning disability, autism or dementia.

In association with Midlothian Council Libraries.

Contact Brenda Smith Brenda.Smith@midlothian.gov.uk 0131 561 5402


DRAFT EVENT: TASTE THIS: Garvald Cafe Takeover

Example text about a totally unique culinary experience with recipes created with ingredients labelled not by words, but pictures of spitfires. This one off opportunity will takeover Garvald’s cafe menu for one service, giving unique insight into the recipe books of a very particular chef.

DRAFT EVENT: Educational Entertainment for Schools

Engross Theatre company use hilarious slapstick theatre to allow young audiences to engage with tricky subjects like social etiquette, stranger danger and difference.

The company is run by Bobby and Yvonne Moore, parents to an autistic son, who has inspired their love of communicating complex social situations, through a fun interactive medium.

If your school would be interested a topic you’d like to see addressed through the power of slapstick comedy, we’d love to hear from you.

EXHIBITION – Gayle Nelson and Fiona McDonald’s ‘Triad of Impairments’ offers a refreshing new view on their sons’ individuality.

Fife-based artists, Gayle Nelson and Fiona McDonald, have collaborated on a series of artworks which explore the idiosyncratic behaviours of two boys, behaviours which make them who they are. The artists made the work about their respective sons, both of whom are autistic, creating an intriguing visual dialogue in a broad range of formats including sculpture, drawing, and film.

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