Midlothian Council's autism strategy 'Two Trumpets' was developed from the personal experience of local people, parents and practitioners who spoke about what makes a difference. We want to keep conversations going about what's available to people living in Midlothian, or happening in Midlothian - so this website will feature current initiatives. If you'd like to... Continue Reading →

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Calls for Papers ‘Critical Dialogues in Neurodiversity’ by 31st March 2018

The Lancaster Disability Studies conference brings together researchers, practitioners, policy makers and activists from around the world, to share and debate research, ideas and developments in disability studies. In the 21st Century disability activism plays a vital role in identifying and challenging disablist policy and practices which limit and deny the rights of disabled people across... Continue Reading →

Autism, Anthropology and Lived Experience: An Interdisciplinary Symposium by Edinburgh Centre for Medical Anthropology & Scottish Autism

Autism, Anthropology and Lived Experience: An Interdisciplinary Symposium Edinburgh Centre for Medical Anthropology (EdCMA) in partnership with Scottish Autism Convenors: Roslyn Malcolm and Joe Long Autism has been the focus of increasing public and scientific attention in recent years. While the majority of research has focused on biomarkers and cognition, or on trialling ‘treatments’ and... Continue Reading →

My Place, My Perspective

“My Place, My Perspective is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and will be delivered in partnership by Lothian Autistic Society, The Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh and Historic Environment Scotland. The project is funded for three years and we, ideally, would like the young people to stay for the duration of the project. Young people... Continue Reading →

Midlothian Autism and other Supports

One of the things you told us in the development of the strategy was having an easy way to find out about autism supports in Midlothian. Think of this guide as a 'work in progress' rather than a perfect picture. We've divided it into adult supports, and children and family supports. Just click on the... Continue Reading →

Autism and Advocacy Survey

This is a Partnership study between Forth Valley Advocacy, (FVA) and Autism Network Scotland (ANS), Strathclyde University. This piece of work will be a jointly undertaken by Thom Kirkwood,  Board Member of FVA/Wider Engagement Consultant ANS and Lynsey Stewart,  Autism Improvement Officer ANS. Outcome:   To work jointly with partners to report to the Scottish Government and... Continue Reading →

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