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Feb 17

Update from Morag Burns, Speech and Language Therapy, NHS Lothian

Our initial focus was on identifying the training requirements for staff and we have agreed to add training requirements for families to our remit.  Established courses largely for nursery and school staff are offered via the training directory and we have added these to the calendar of events also.  We offer some specific training to families of young children.  These include Hanen More Than Words, visual supports, sensory workshops.

Information about courses is on the events calendar or you can email

Links to other training can be found on the autism resources sheets

Children and Family



Nov 17

Lynne Grant (Additional Support for Learning, Midlothian Council) and Morag Burns (Speech and Language Therapy, NHS) are chairing this group.

Here’s an update from them, contact details below.

The Scottish Autism Stratgey made a recommendation that each local authority should make a plan for training.

This subgroup has been looking to devlop a tiered approach to training in Autism in line with NHS Education for Scotland Autism training Frameowrk: Optimising Outcomes.

The group has identified 4 skill levels in line with this:

Level 1- Autism Informed

Level 2- Autism Skilled

Level 3- Autism Enhanced

Level 4- Autism Expertise

The aim is that all council health and colintary secrtor staff will be matched to a training level in order to develop their knowledge, skills and practice in relation to Autism.

As a first step, the group had developed a Survey Monkey which will be sent to all public sector workers and parner agencies linked to Midlothian. Information gathered from this survey will be used to plan how training will be delivered.

Morag Burns



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