Yvonne Hay (Anderson) from Community Leisure met with Ann Brown (ex CEO of Lothian Autism Society) have begun looking specifically at Autism and Sport in Midlothian.

They identified that

  1. It’s a barrier that Autism isn’t recognised as a criteria with the Paralympics
  2. We need a variety of inputs to progress Midlothian Specific Issues
  3. Midlothian’s current provision the Beeslack All Stars and the Loanhead Dolphins are under resourced and in high demand.
  4. There is a gap in knowledge and understanding within mainstream sports opps in Midlothian regarding autism
  5. Pan- disability sports opps aren’t always the best ways to involve people with autism, we need a more individualised approach.
  6. Team United have researched and developed an innovative, but simple pathway model, linking young people with an interest in football with the social support team sports requires.

To become involved in the meetings, email

Here’s the link to Midlothian Council Sports and Physical Activity Strategy Consultation

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