Midlothian Council’s Autism Strategy was developed from the experiences of people with autism and their families across Midlothian.  Writer Catherine Simpson, whose own daughter has Aspergers and grew up in Penicuik spent time with families across Midlothian. She wrote an article about what’s helpful and makes a difference from those people she spent time with. This underpinned the strategy which was published in 2016.

The first action is about using local knowledge to inform what happens next.

There are so many people and organisations who are doing innovative work – but it’s hard to share all of that knowledge – so we asked people connected to autism to suggest projects, events or talks that anyone could take part in.

These groups – or ‘expert panels’  are people with ASD, parents and practitioners connected through an area of interest.

You can see what they have been doing by clicking on the AREA OF INTEREST below

  1. SOCIAL in Midlothian: Chaired by Catherine Action and Stuart McIntosh from the Local Area Coordination Service
  2. SPORTS Chaired by Yvonne Hay from Community Leisure
  3. EMPLOYMENT: Chaired by David Bain from Into work
  5. CREATIVE TEAM: Chaired by Kara Christine from Artlink
  6. TRAINING: Chaired by Lynne Grant from Midlothian Council

We are working on events to explore autism in an imaginative way.