Friday 27th August 10.30am

About this event

Girls with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are often overlooked, under-diagnosed and less likely to get appropriate support until later in their lives. The lack of understanding of autism in girls and lack of appropriate diagnosis and support can lead to unique challenges for autistic girls and women.

This webinar, led by Three Sisters Consultancy, will explore current research on autism in girls, what autism in girls looks like and how we can best support the children, young people and families affected.

Key learning

• What current research tells us about the prevalence of girls on the spectrum

• How autism may affect girls differently, and the key characteristics to look out for

• Issues that girls with autism may face during puberty and beyond including mental health

• Practical skills to help girls (and their families) in your setting.


This webinar will be delivered by Corrie and Rhiann McLean, Three Sisters Consultancy.

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