Sam and Sian: Drawing as Stimming

Drawing as Stimming for The Big Draw looks to create a time where stimming can happen, through drawing digitally and in response to stimuli internal to and external to the body. It seeks to explore how drawing and mark-making can support non-verbal communication and exploration, whilst also providing space to stim.

Easy-Read Postcards

We have produced Drawing as Stimming postcards to prompt and encourage exploration of movement and mark making. Our bright and bold easy-read postcards have an audio version available that is linked here:

We’ve also produced a version of postcards with tactile shapes to reflect how you might approach marks you make, turning the paper and moving your body. If you are interested in a physical copy for yourself or groups you work with, do email Sam at 

We are sure that the results in your drawing will be beautiful and interesting!

Do feel free to share them with us, or if you would like a postcard pack for your own sessions, email Sam at

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