What is neurodiversity? It might sound scientific or complex, but the term is really a way to reflect the variety of differences in how the brain works. To break it down, neuro relates to the nerves and the nervous system found throughout our bodies, which stem from the brain and spinal cord. Diversity relates to the fact that we are all unique and our differences positively contribute to making the fabric of society more colourful. It should welcome us all for being who we are.

Over the decades – and even today – the term, after being coined by the autism movement, has gone on to be adopted by a wider audience who present as having differently wired brains. This includes people with ADHD, dyspraxia or obsessive compulsive disorder, for example. In short, it means that brain differences are simply that – differences.

Being wired differently is something that is part of my reality. Whilst I have since learnt to embrace these differences, they are something I continue to live with every day – and that’s the part which isn’t always easy.

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