Date – Fri, 16 October 2020

Time – 09:30 – 15:30 BST

Price: £37.06 (inc. booking fee)

A one day on-line conference featuring guests speaking from a personal, parental and professional perspective about Autism & PDA.

We are very excited to announce a one day online conference on Autism and PDA.

Guest Speakers include:

Harry Thompson – PDA Extraordinaire – Author of the “PDA Paradox”, Public Speaker, You-Tuber and PDA Emissary.

SPEAKING ABOUT: Articulating the PDA experience.

Dr Chloe Farahar – Co-founder & a practitioner for the So, You’re Autistic? support programme, and Aucademy. Chloe is also a consultant delivering training & workshops on autistic experience, neurodiversity, & stigma-reduction.

SPEAKING ABOUT: Autistic wellbeing (anxiety; overwhelm; harmful stims; voice hearing; depression; etc.); what does and does not work (e.g. adapted CBT); the importance of Autistic identity, culture, community, and space for wellbeing.

Jodie Isitt – Parent and Author – Autism with Love.

SPEAKING ABOUT: The parental experience; how to mange situations with schools and doctors when they don’t believe you when you’re child is Autistic and experiences PDA; tips to dealing with schools; why professionals needs to understand parents shouldn’t have to be experts learning the law etc. so that you miss out on parenting your children.

Mollie Sherwin – PDAer and Speaker on Personal Experience of Living with PDA.

SPEAKING ABOUT: Life as an Autistic teenager experiencing PDA following the release of a book about her life, and how this affected friendships and teenage life.

Laura Kerbey – Founder of Positive Autism Support and Training.

SPEAKING ABOUT: Supporting children with anxiety, and other emotions, as well as talking about siblings, and parent resilience.

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