How simple play with blocks can support your child’s communication and social interaction

When – 03/08/20

What time  10.00am-1.30pm

About this Event

3.5 hrs workshop for parents and professionals on supporting communication in autism by using Lego bricks or any other blocks, delivered by an experienced practitioner and a mother of an autistic boy who is LEGO Based therapy trained.

The workshop is designed to allow parents to express their views, share experiences and learn how to develop children’s social skills through play.

The workshop covers:

– What autism is – main presentations of autism

– Why Lego blocks?

– How is Lego therapy different ?

– The theory behind Lego therapy – systemizing theory of autism

– Key features of Lego therapy

– How can I use blocks at home to help my child?

– Access to resources

The workshop will be delivered using ZOOM and all details will be sent to attendees a day before the workshop.There will a be a short break for a cup of tea.

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