Whilst there are no longer restrictions on how many times you can leave the house, new guidance from the Scottish Government was recently introduced stating that face coverings are now mandatory on public transport and will be made mandatory in shops from 9th July.  However there are exemptions for children under 5 and for autistic people for whom wearing a face covering causes severe anxiety or distress. Our Covid-19 Autism Alert Card contains messaging to indicate that for the individual with the card, they are eligible for exemption from wearing a face covering. For those who feel comfortable to wear a face covering or would like to understand why we are being asked to wear one, you may want to view our resources here. If you, or someone you support, cannot wear a face covering then having the Covid-19 Autism Alert Card may be helpful if you need support or if you are questioned in shops or on public transport.

Please remember that the guidance around social distancing remains in place and you should stay 2m apart from anyone not in your household or extended household when you are out.

If you need support to understand current Government guidance for you or someone you support then please contact advice@scottishautism.org and one of our advisors will help you.

Download a PDF card that you can print off and complete, or download the digital Covid-19 Autism Alert Card for your smartphone by clicking the link below: