Three Scottish charities have welcomed today’s report from independent chair Angela Morgan into Additional Support for Learning (ASL). Commissioned by Scottish Government, the report; ‘Support for Learning: All our Children and All their Potential’ highlights that despite the hard work of many dedicated professionals, ASL is not visible or equally valued within Scotland’s education system. Consequently, implementation of policies and legislation is fragmented and inconsistent meaning that children often do not get the vital support they need to flourish and fulfil their potential.

The charities welcome the important recommendations which if acted upon would make a real difference to the 6500 autistic children across Scotland and all children with additional support needs.

While the recommendations on teacher education and development are very welcome the charities argue this must include autism awareness training for teachers, which was a central call from the ground-breaking Not Included, Not Engaged, Not Involved report, published in 2018. In line with the feedback to the Review from children and young people, more knowledge and understanding of their needs would help achieve our hopes in education and learning for all children.

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