Jim Young says that it’s been incredibly difficult for his two children, saying that they are “regressing” due to the pandemic, but says he does support the lockdown in spite of everything as “I’d rather be bored than dead.”

As part of our new and exclusive ‘Edinburgh Lockdown Lives’ series, we spoke to eight people in and around the capital about their lockdown experiences. This is Jim young’s story. (Edinburgh Live)

With four offspring and a wife who’s a key worker, Jim Young is a busy dad during lockdown. He believes both his daughter Raechel, 19, and his son, Connor, 11 , are “regressing”.

But he says the worst aspect of lockdown has been the loss of routine.

“Both of them are completely out of sorts, the routine is not there anymore. On school days they would usually both get transport to school and to day service. Now it’s get up, get dressed and that’s it, there’s no transport, and no school for them.”

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