As part of her Master in Psychology studies at the University of Luxembourg, Ms. Maïte Franco, under the supervision of Dr. Andreia Pinto Costa, is carrying out a study project on the relationship of language and social skills in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD, ages 4 to 11). The study in the form of an online questionnaire of 30-40min is intended for parents or legal guardians of a child from 4 to 11 years old with ASD.

Often parents or legal guardians are advised to use only one language with their children in order to simplify language acquisition. However, research cannot support this advice. Therefore, this study aims to clarify the relationship between language and social skills in children with ASD in order to improve the orientation and support for this population. Apart from the families concerned, the study is also important for their caregivers, educational and therapeutic staff. Therefore, we are spreading this message in order to reach the maximum number of people concerned who are ready to participate in the research project.

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