29th October 2019 – 09:30



About this event

This workshop will raise awareness of how autism may present itself in children and young people. You will explore how autism can affect the sensory experiences of learning and living in different environments. You will learn how autism can affect a child or young person’s experience of your setting, and how you can make reasonable adjustments to both your communication style and setting to create a more inclusive environment.

Key learning

  • Understanding how autism may present itself in children and young people
  • Focusing on sensory issues, environment and understanding behaviours
  • Creating more inclusive language and communication
  • Exploring further strategies, resources and signposting.

Facilitator bio

Corrie McLean has been working in education for a decade, developing her specialist skills in sexual health and inclusive learning. Her background is in teaching. She has spent her career working closely with vulnerable young people with additional support needs (including autism) and practitioners and parents and carers who support them. Her expertise is in designing and delivering sexual health programmes, as well as considering how our environment and communication methods can help make our practice more inclusive.

Corrie’s work at Three Sisters Consultancy centres around building capacity by helping professionals make long term changes to their approaches to learning.

Learning and living: creating an autism inclusive setting