A season of immersive events aimed at breaking down barriers of difference through shared experience.

In response to Nick Cave’s shimmering installation, and his prompt to use it as an alternative town hall, Artlink has devised a series of interesting encounters. These will focus on how the shared experience of art can honour the human threads that connect people with profound learning disabilities to the wider world and the wider world to them.

For more than a decade, Artlink’s Ideas Team has pioneered collaborative research within communities of care. Ideas and practices have radiated from a small group of people with profound and multiple learning disabilities and their staff in Cherry Road Learning Centre, Bonnyrigg. Their responses and perceptions of the world have informed this international programme of events.

Altered States will create radical insights and bodily experiences for an inclusive public, experimenting with sensory stimuli, slow time and differing states of being. Events are open to a diverse range of audiences, to come together within a safe space to investigate who we are through a completely different lens, ultimately discovering what we have in common.

Tickets for the events at the Tramway, Glasgow are free but must be booked. 16+

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