Autism Workshop

All Behaviour is Communication

by S Barrett, Educational Psychologist and parent

Wednesday 22ndMay 7:30pm -9:00pm

The Training Suite, Norton Park Conference Centre,

Albion Road, Edinburgh EH7 5QY


Background:Considering that more than half of human interaction is non-verbal, it should come as no surprise that most of what we communicate in pretty much every moment of every day, is through the ways we behave.  In our neuro-diverse world in which Autism is often equated with social communication differences, how then do we make sense of and respond to the behaviour of Autistic individuals. It is these communication differences that can make working and/or living with an Autistic individual challenging. However if we were to develop our appreciation for the fact that all behaviour is communication, we can begin to reframe these differences in ways that promote mutual growth and acceptance. 


This workshop will focus on the difficulties parents, carers and those working with Autistic individuals experience in making sense of and responding to the behaviour of Autistic individuals. In particular we will explore the impact this behaviour can have on own behaviour and begin to look at how we can better ’translate’ what Autistic individuals struggle to communicate through words, but often do so through their behaviour.  The challenge, once we understand what is being communicated through the behaviour, is how to respond in appropriate ways.

Cost £30 for professionals. Payment is required in advance to reserve a place.

The workshop will be relevant to anyone who wants to understand more when communicating with autistic adults.

If you are interested please email We will respond by email to let you know if you are successful. If you cannot attend let us know as we will undoubtedly have more people requesting to register than there are places.


The workshop is organised by Pasda: