Proposal for Upmo autism and learning disability service in Gorebridge

Gorebridge Community Cares shared a facebook post to assess local community thoughts on a new service for Gorebridge for young adults with learning disability and autism- here’s the information.

There are exciting proposals to bring a young adults with learning difficulties and autism service to Gorebridge, through a group called UpMo.

The plans are still to be confirmed, but Gorebridge Community Cares are working with UpMo and have identified temporary accommodation for them in St Margaret’s Hall, Lady Brae.

They will be looking to carry out a public consultation with the community to find a permanent home for our Charity and UpMo, if the new service gets the go ahead.

What do you think of this idea? Do you think a young adult disabled service with autism is needed and welcome in Gorebridge? Gorebridge Cares will be looking to provide cooking, training, emotional and other services to people in the community in any premises we obtain. Please keep commenting, it all adds up to community support.

See the Facebook post from Gorebridge Community Cares to give your thoughts


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