Midlothian autism strategy group sounds terribly official but we are a bunch of people who work in Midlothian who care about autism, and what difference we can make by working together. Some of us work in education, social care or health, some of us work in employment support or the arts.

We got together because of the strategy whose biggest aim is to create practical improvement around what’s important to people with autism, their families or supports.

So here’s where you come in.

We would like to invite you to choose what we focus on next. 

Would you write an article about something important to you or your experience that could go on this website?

Would you like to see something happen in your area or for someone you care about that we was a group of organisations can do something about?

Are you looking for something specific, or have something useful that someone else might benefit from?

Your ideas would really help us keep going in the right direction. 


Comment below or send an idea to Kara Christine (who works for Artlink).