Radio 4: ‘A normal….family’ by writer, poet and producer Henry Normal

After twenty years away from poetry, during which he co-wrote The Royle Family and produced Gavin & Stacey, amongst others, Henry Normal returns to Radio 4 for a comic and poetic look at his family life.

A Normal Family is centred around Henry’s son, Johnny, who was diagnosed with “mildly severe” autism. Through stand-up and poetry, Henry explores what this means for Johnny, for himself, and for his wife, Angela.

Recorded in front of a live audience in Henry’s hometown of Brighton, the show paints just one portrait of life with autism; there are many versions of it, and this is Johnny’s.

Henry Normal is a multi-award winning writer, producer and poet. He starred in Channel 4’s Packet of Three with Jenny Éclair and Frank Skinner, co-wrote The Royle Family and The Mrs Merton Show, and founded Baby Cow productions with Steve Coogan, which produced Gavin & Stacy, The Trip and Camping. He has published several volumes of poetry, including The Dream Ticket, Nude Modelling for the Afterlife and Staring Directly at the Eclipse. His last Radio 4 series was 1997’s Encyclopaedia Poetica.

Written and performed by … Henry Normal
Produced by … Ed Morrish
A BBC Studios Production.

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