Archive: Our Autism Event in Midlothian Monday 26th March 2018

This event took place in March 2018 to showcase the work of the Creative Team who are exploring ways to share lived experience and positive views on autism and neurodiversity. 

Join us, have a coffee, come say hello at an event to share some of the actions of the Midlothian Autism Strategy.

So far we have some really interesting people connected to autism in Midlothian who invite you to join them. The event is about exchange of ideas, and welcoming people to be involved.

  • Live Performance by Vicky Haylott – a professional singer who has written a song about her son Aiden and her thoughts on a neurotypically dominated world.
  • Readings by Gail Keating, an ex-teacher of pupils with complex needs who has condensed her life’s work into supports for anyone to use like choosing, waiting and expecting the unexpected.
  • Kids ‘Have a go’ session from autism sports organisation Team United
  • In conversation with Engross Theatre Company directors Bobby and Yvonne Moore sharing the lighter side of parenting challenges!
  • An exhibition by artists Gayle Nelson and Fiona McDonald, whose sons inspired a series of drawings counteracting the often negative definitions of autism in the Triad of Impairments.
  • Nature play, a taster of fun, inclusive activities in the outdoors from TCV The Conservation Volunteers – workshops for adults and for kids.
  • Updates from what has been achieved in relation to what people told us was important. 

Welcome by Allister Short, Midlothian’s Director of Health and Social Care

Monday 26th March

10am – midday

Loanhead Centre

George Avenue,


EH20 9LA

RSVP Here (just to give us an idea of how much coffee we might need on the day!)


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The Gingerbread Men are real

Insoles should be taken out of all shoes

A frog is a friend (and a transition object)

Constantly jumping always on the move

This work is funded by the RS Macdonald Charitable Trust and Midlothian Council


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